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Core components of photoelectric connector: insert core

Time:2021-03-17 23:32:50 Hits: 2379

Core components of photoelectric connector: insert core

Through the function of optical fiber connector, it can be seen that the core component affecting the performance of the connector is the plug. The quality of the insert directly affects the accurate central docking of two optical fibers. The insert core is made of ceramic, metal or plastic. Ceramic insert is widely used, the main material is zirconia, with good thermal stability, high hardness, high melting point, wear resistance, high machining accuracy. The sleeve is another important part of the connector. The sleeve plays the role of alignment to facilitate the installation and fixation of the connector. The inner diameter of the ceramic sleeve is slightly smaller than the outer diameter of the insert core, and the slotted sleeve hoops the two insert cores to achieve precision alignment.