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Medical connector push pull self locking plastic connector performance test

Time:2020-08-27 18:46:10 Hits: 2949

Medical connector push pull self locking plastic connector performance test Connector is a small component in the design of medical equipment. Some people may think that connector is only a small part of medical equipment. But what tyvee electronics should point out is that in fact, connectors play a huge role in the normal function of the equipment. With the development of medical technology, the requirements of medical connector on safety, reliability, shape and speed are also higher and higher.

 medical plastic connector.jpg

Safety of medical connector

When patients are treated, the last thing they want to be exposed to is risk. Although the danger is not common, some cases of serious injury or even casualties caused by contact with medical connector conductor are also reported everywhere. In the resolution, IEC put forward a standard that the connector used in medical application should contain an insulating form, which can prevent people from being shocked when contacting, and further improve the safety of modern medical equipment.


 medical connector reliability


With the progress of medical technology, the equipment used is also developing, and the professionals we rely on also rely on its perfect operation. Although connectors look like a trivial component in this complex device, they play a key role in the reliability of medical devices. When the connector is used as the connection between the probe and its medical equipment in the operation process, it is expected that the connector can run perfectly, because the reliability of the connector can directly affect the success or failure of the operation, which is related to the life of the patient. This is why the medical industry continues to invest in connectors that have proven to provide reliable performance over the life of the device.


Components of medical connector

Similar to smart phones, medical devices have shape requirements. Thanks to recent medical advances, surgeons can perform certain operations. Some medical devices allow surgeons to perform their complex operations, such as bypass surgery, by creating a small incision and inserting a laparoscopic camera. The success of these types of operations also depends on the complex components within the medical device, such as connectors, and the ability of the operating system to perform and optimize the function of the device.


Speed of medical connector

In order to ensure the success of this minimally invasive surgery, previous surgeons used to monitor and promote these types of operations by transmitting real-time images from patients' laparoscopic cameras. The modern connector technology allows these large amounts of data to be transmitted at high speed and has high integrity, which greatly promotes the success of these operations.